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Fiber Optics

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Fiber Optics

The fiber optics technology has advanced at a tremendous rate in a rather quiet and reserved manner driven by the need for higher bandwidths on long distance backbone links. CCTV network, long distance switches, central offices, subscriber’s loop careers and industrial networks use fiber optics for better and faster communication purposes. It has now transformed the very infrastructure of PTOs through the ability to transmit data at higher transmission rates and with lower losses and the ability to do this at lower error rates. 

Compared to the cost of bandwidth from other terrestrial solutions, bandwidth cost from optical fiber network is very low making it affordable for the customers. It is in view of the central position that Fiber Optic Solution is assuming by the day that we are proposing it to your organization for Broadband Internet Connectivity as well as for Local Area Network and Wide Area Network deployments.


With the help of fiber optics technology, analogue and digital data have been transmitting from point-to-point for decades. The features of fiber optics includes flat signal attenuation up to rates of several Gbit/s, meaning no data will be lost. The advantages of using fiber optics over any other technology is that the external interference does not occur here. In this platform, the network capacity can be extended or reduced.In addition, the fiber optic technology does not suffer from electrical storms inducing large currents.


The fiber optic communication system offers a better reliable and dependable connectivity. No large capital expenditure in infrastructure is not too large in fiber optics. The system is less affected by noise and it also provides electrical isolation since the medium do not conduct electricity. Fiber optical technology helps you to transmit data over long distances and it also carry extremely high data transmission rate. The key benefits of the system includes low cost of the bandwidth and its affordability.