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CCTV Installation and Maintenance

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CCTV Installation and Maintenance

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has become the common form of commercial and domestic security protection. CCTV is now affordable for public and small business firms as well. The advantage of CCTV is that it provides constant surveillance and more importantly it creates a deterrent for potential criminals targeting your premises. CCTV helps in detecting theft, anti-social behavior, and criminal damages. CCTV visuals are often used as evidence and also as a tool for investigation purposes. 

There is an array of different CCTV systems available and we offers a wide range of CCTV systems which functions with either conventional analogue designs or newer digital over IP based networks, which allows higher quality recordings. We design and installs CCTV systems and security cameras according to the requirements of the customers and also takes into account the facets of the building in which the systems are supposed to be deployed. In simple words, we often deploy cameras of various sizes and features considering the purposes of installation and hence ensures the highest possible degree of surveillance. 

Along with onsite viewing of footage, remote monitoring of CCTV visuals are also possible. Remote monitoring helps to get access to the recorded visuals from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone or computer. With this facility one can view the premises of his firm or home even if he is far away from the spot. OrionCom provides highest quality services for you and your property.

CCTV cameras can also be deployed in various locations within the office space to review an event, if something went wrong. It can also be used to inspect staff, productivity and false claims. For such purposes the companies can also make use of the hidden cameras which could be deployed in everyday objects. 

HD CCTV Systems

HD CCTV systems operate in the same way as that of standard CCTV systems except that the footages recorded with HD CCTV systems will be in HD quality (high definition). These visuals provides better details, utilizing larger images with finer detail generally at 1920 x 1080 (1080P). We design, install and maintain HD CCTV cameras and systems customized to fulfill your needs and wants. 

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring enables the customer to view the recorded footages in the CCTV with the help of a mobile phone or computer even if the person is not physically present in the location. We can also install a text message or speed dialer to make the clients aware if anything unusual occurs. If required, we can also fix a monitoring station for close observation of the footages. 

Maintenance Packages

In addition to the installation, we also offer maintenance services at regular intervals. The routine inspections will helps to maintain and update the standards and functionality of the CCTV systems.