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Data Centre and Servers

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Data Center & Servers

The companies turns to OrionCom when they need to have complete control over their dedicated server provider. We are the innovator of Cloud services in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the distinction of building Africa's largest Data center. With Dedicated Hosting from OrionCom, the companies can buy IT hardware and setting up power, cooling and connectivity with zero capital expenditure. They will also get the benefit of lower operating expenses since we offer the most competitive monthly rentals in the business.

If your company wants all the benefits of in-house servers with absolutely no investment in hardware, power, cooling and management, we have the solution. With deployment time in weeks instead of months, all the power and cooling your hosting solution needs with all the connectivity that your company could ever want, OrionCom is the dedicated server provider of choice. If you plan to build a new data center space for you then we can manage the project by helping you to plan the hardware capacity requirements, arrange the equipments coordinate the material logistics and install the required infrastructure.  

We also provide expert service if you want to move your data center to another collocation space with our low-risk migration strategy. We ensure maximum availability, minimum downtime and fastest migration time during the data center migration process. Orion-com can assist you in data center expansion also with our cutting edge optimisation capabilities and colocation design skills. 

How it works:

Choose Your Hardware And Software

With OrionCom, you are free to choose the server hardware you want (you can even specify the vendor) and we will deploy the hardware, installs your OS of choice and the application stack as per your requirements. Whether you want the Windows kernel or any of the various Linux distros, we will make it available to you in our world class 4 data centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Choose Your Model 

Whether you want Hybrid Services with Network services, OS Management, Database Management, Storage Services, Application and Network monitoring and Backup services or you want to manage your dedicated hosting server remotely, OrionCom lets you make l world advantages, CtrlS gives you the edge.

Deploy Within Days 

The setting up of an in-house hosting solution may take months or even years. But with the Dedicated Hosting from OrionCom, your host server can go live within days. OrionCom's agility is smarter than you think.