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About us

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About Us

OrionCom, a limited liability company (S.A.R.L) in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the prominent Internet service Provider and solution experts in computer networks and security systems with more than 20 years of professional achievements.

We are one of the largest provider of high-speed Internet access in the nation serving corporate companies, banking institutions, domestic and individual users. We offer our subscribers high quality telecommunications solutions including VPN, Intranet and Wi-Fi.

Since opening its doors to the public in 1998, OrionCom has continued to develop its potential for providing better and novel services. 

Our values

OrionCom has created a prestigious place for itself both in the public and private sectors by contributing to the growth of the Internet penetration rate in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our experienced professionals are extremely committed to the work. They share the feeling of belonging to the same group and also pursues success through innovations.Moreover, they are the ultimate reliable sources in the opted fields. 

Hard work, rigor and integrity are the essential values on which our company works and for all these past years those have been our strength and vigor.

What we do

Orioncom offers you technical and maintenance support for enhancing the quality of your services. Our team will help you to install and run programmes efficiently and also intensifies the degree of excellence of the services providing. We also ensure that our customers get access to the communication platform which is way too flexible.