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VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

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VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

VSATs, the single flexible communication platform, can be installed quickly and cost effectively to provide communication solutions for private firms, governments and corporations. VSAT networks offer value-added satellite-based services capable of supporting the Internet, data, video, LAN, voice/fax communications and can provide powerful, dependable private and public network communications solutions.

The flexible and cost-effective solutions provided will fulfil the specific needs of the customers. Our solutions cater for dedicated and shared capacity over DVB, DVBS2, and SCPC technology, using platforms like Shiron, SkyEdge, Linkstar and iDirect. We provide services in C and Ku band. Our dynamic-allocation system addresses unique customers' requirements and enables them to match broadband bandwidth connectivity to the requirements of their utilization profile in each of their sites. With all these results, we ensure you a cost-efficient service with excellent customer experience.


The VSAT network solutions will enable the customers to reach out to farthest of the corners due to its unlimited geographic reach. There is nothing more effective than VSAT solutions which you can rely on completely as this will provide you with an unmatched reliability. The capability of VSAT platform includes its superior performances and features which no other communication platform could offer. The network also ensures advanced QoS policy which will give priority to critical traffic, prevent bandwidth hogging, and manage network bottlenecks to prevent packet drops. 

The solution offers an easy and rapid deployment, which enhances the effectiveness of the resources. Here the capacity of the network can be varied, i.e. can be extended or reduced based on the requirements of the customers. With this network solution, the needs of all the customers will be considered equally and the platform will also provide you a terrestrial free infrastructure experience where the network will be free from the interruptions of any terrestrial barriers. VSAT also possess multiple topologies comprising cables, wireless connections and different types of networking techniques. 

With this network the customers get access to mix of technologies, i.e. here the VSATs, fiber and microwave radios complements one another.The functioning of the network is monitored and maintained using central management system. The network make use of the facility- Broadcast/ IP Multicast, which supports audio and video conferencing, software distribution and patching, price updates etc.

VSAT Installation and Maintenance 

Lack of proper maintenance or improper installations often results in the breakdowns of VSAT services. At OrionCom,the installations are done according to the best possible standards set by the reputable bodies such as CAK, ITU and IEEE.

We are specialists in Installing and Maintaining satellite communication systems, and few companies have the experience offered by SCS in this field. The system provides dedicated, reliable, cost effective and private communications links for the individual and corporate users, with the provision of total system capabilities to support high bandwidth secure data, voice and video communication.

Our VSAT installers are certified to carry out proactive and reactive maintenance on all types VSAT systems including C band, Ka band, and Ku band systems. The installation and maintenance services offered by OrionCom are ideal for GSM operators, ISPs, security agencies, individual clients, etc.We are qualified to offer installation and maintenance services in Kenya and Africa.

In general, our services encompass the following:

  • Site Surveys
  • Equipment installation and configuration
  • Site measurements and tests
  • Ground support and troubleshooting
  • Proactive and reactive maintenance of VSAT systems
  • Consultancy services on VSAT connectivity
  • iDirect Managed Services
  • Point to Point ( SCPC/SCPC)
  • Point to Multipoint
  • Private Network (VNO)
  • Installation & Maintenance ( which we do for Telecom & satellite operators)